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Scorching Summer Clinic cancelled

Sorry due to lack of registrations this Clinic will not go ahead this weekend.

Business House Hockey!

Yes it is that time of year again! Time to show off your holiday tans while getting back into the swing of some fun exercise after the holiday break 🙂

Here is the info you need:

Business House 6-aside Hockey – Entry Form

START:                ROUND STARTS Friday 15th February 2013

GAMES:                Dependant on number of teams entered we may have some nights some teams will be required to play two games.

UMPIRES: Please name anyone you know is / would be interested in umpiring.

ENTRY FEE:          $120.00 per team for 6 weeks of competition – $20.00 per night fee to be paid each night

Fees discounted to $100.00 per team if paid by 8th February 2013. 

Direct Credit Details: Horowhenua Hockey Association: Westpac 03 0667 0267707 00 – please put team name as reference (this can only be done online)

Final night will be Friday 22nd March 2013

POINTS:               Win = 3 points        Draw = 2 points

Default = 3 points (5 nil result)    Loss = O points

Bonus Point = 1 point to losing team if within 2 goals of

winning team.

RULES: Attached is a list of rules – Please read carefully.  Any

team/player not abiding by the rules will be asked to

leave the competition.  Any team not abiding by the rule

of the amount of hockey players allowed for their grade will forfeit their points for that game.

EQUIPMENT:        Ball provided

Use of MOUTHGUARDS recommended

DRAW: Faxed or e-mailed to Team Contact Person

Any cancellations will be texted to a nominated Team contact, and it is then up to that person to contact the rest of their team.  Cancellations will be made no later than 5pm.

Business House Hockey Entry Form

Team Name:

Team Colour:

Contact Person:

Phone #:


Cell Number for text cancellations:

Team Names Hockey Player? Y/N
Preferred Grade: Competitive Social


Name of Umpire: Ph #:

Entries Close Friday 8th February 2013

Email or Fax 3675354


027 HORO HOC (4676 462)

Business House 6-aside Hockey

Following is the information for another round of business house hockey commencing on Friday 15th February 2013. Finals night to be determined when team numbers are known.

We have re defined a hockey player as follows:- “a hockey player is a person who has or does play competitive hockey”

Team members must be named and the team sheet completed at time of entry otherwise we will select your grade for you.

New ruling – In the Social grade if teams are short on the night they can borrow a player from another Social grade team to fill in.  Competitive grade players cannot play social grade but social players can fill in, in competitive teams – but they must have a mouthguard.  On finals night players may only play in their nominated team (i.e. only play one game)

Family Grade – Teams to have minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 Adults on turf at one time

Teams will be rostered on to help in the kitchen and run the clock – 2 people required in the kitchen and one person for the clock/umpires etc – please make sure you turn up!. The draw, game cards etc will all be done ready so it is only a matter of having people on hand to do the rest!!

If you have any queries please contact Fiona at the Turf on 3675353.


*          Pushing the ball only – no hitting

*        No lifted ball at any time

*        No abuse of umpires

*        The ball may not touch any part of any player’s body.

*        No goal keeper or kicking back

*        No body contact, no stick hacking and no ball obstruction

*        No deliberate sliding or diving. Players may only play the ball whilst on their feet

*        All defenders to be 5 metres away from every free push

*        Ball over back line by a defender – a free push to the attackers

to be taken from the back line 5 metres from the edge of circle

*        A free push to attacking team within 5 metres of circle edge is to be taken

back to 5 metres from circle edge

*        Ball over back line by attacking team – a free push to defenders from top of circle edge

*        No more than SIX players to be on the turf at one time – at least TWO of

whom must be female

*      SOCIAL GRADE – a maximum of TWO hockey players on the turf per team at one time for SOCIAL GRADE

FAMILY  GRADE – Minimum of TWO and maximum of THREE adult players on turf at one time

*        Rolling substitute players – no break in play needed to substitute – player on turf must leave before new player can enter game

*        Games will be 15 minutes each way with no half time break

*        Distinctive colours to be worn by teams

*        Clean soft rubber soled shoes to be worn

*        Normal turf user rules apply – no food, no spitting, no smoking, no dirty shoes, no sprigs etc

*        No peak caps to be worn during game

*        In the Social grades if teams are short on the night they can borrow a player from another Social grade team to fill in (‘fill in’ means as a sub – not kicking players out of their own team!).  Competitive grade players cannot play social grade but social players can fill in, in competitive teams – but they must have a mouthguard.  On finals night players may only play in their nominated team (i.e. only play one game)

*        Intermediate or Primary aged children allowed to play in FAMILY GRADE ONLY

*        Secondary schools players/teams are welcome.

Umpires will now have the use of yellow cards to signal a 2 minute sinbinning and will be expected to use them for any players disputing their calls, lifting balls deliberately or dangerously, excessive body contact either deliberate or accidental, and playing the ball when off their feet.

The umpires are the sole judge of on field play and incidents.  As is normal in team sports, results or umpire decisions cannot be overturned after games. Remember that we are playing social sport and the umpire is as essential to the game as the players so give him or her the opportunity to enjoy being a part of the sport.

Breaches of rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the HHA committee and can result in loss of game results or dismissal from competition

Please get all entries into as soon as you can so we can start getting underway!

*** Scorching Summer Clinic!! ***

The holidays dragging on a bit? Need the kids to get motivated before they go back to school?

Check this out!! Scorching Summer Clinic Flyer

2 fantastic days of top notch hockey coaching right here at the Halliwell Hockey Turf, Donnelly Park, Levin – 26th & 27th January 2013!


  • Technical Hockey skill development
  • Modern Hockey skills
  • Tactical Hockey Development
  • Modified games
  • Hockey World Cup
  • Olympic games
  • Other fun activities

The Scorching Summer Clinic

Junior Blackstick Dane Lett (right) looking to score a goal in the NHL Men’s final of 2010. Dane was named in the Blacksticks this year and will be one of the coaches at the summer clinic!

Who can attend?

  • Players ranging from 7 to 17 years of age!
  • Players will be grouped by age and /or ability so they are working with similar players
  • For Beginners right through to players with aspirations of playing for the Blacksticks
  • Everyone will be catered for

What will be the content of the programme?

The aim is for the children to have fun, play games and participate in Hockey focused activities whilst developing their technical skills and knowledge base and so making them better players.

That is 12 hours of coaching with some of the best players and coaches in New Zealand – less than $10 per hour!

When: January 26 and 27, 2013

Where: Levin Turf.

Time: 9am – 3pm both days

Who: Any Hockey Player aged between 7 and 17 years of age

What: A fun filled couple of days that will include learning new and modern Hockey skills and concepts, playing modified Hockey games, and a mini world cup all coached by some of the best coaches and young players in New Zealand.

Cost: $80

All participants have the opportunity to win one of many awards and spot prizes!!

Places are limited so please register A.S.A.P! Places will be given on a first in – first served basis!

If you don’t have a hockey stick, we will be able to supply you one for the duration of the programme! Let us know early so we can arrange one for you.

Bring a friend to join in the fun!

Please bring your hockey equipment and a dry change of clothes.

Please bring your lunch and snacks for the day, a drink bottle, hat and sun screen!

Scorching Summer Clinic

Registration Form


Age______ D.O.B_______________





Other: (want to be grouped with a friend, medical conditions etc.)

Please post the registration form back to Jesse Workman – 16 Dalefield Road, Carterton 5713 or email to Please send payment in with the registration form or direct credit payment to J Workman 02 0608 0001220 083 (preferred option). Make sure to email Jesse at the above email address to let us know if you have direct credited the payment and use the child’s name as the reference.

If these methods of payment do not suit you may be able to arrange with Jesse to pay cash on the first morning.

All players must be paid for by 9am on the first day!

Places are limited and will be given on a first in first served basis.

Any other questions please contact Jesse on email at

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